code gaess

please stop this


Early in my blogging career, I tried my hand at episodic blogging.  My first show was Akikan!, which was utter trash.  I trashed on about how trashy it was for twelve trashy posts.  Then I tried blogging K-ON!.

My third or fourth episodic focused on the similarities between K-ON! and Lucky Star.  This was very old news to everybody who read a single thing about K-ON! before watching the show, but I was a naive young blogger who barely knew what Nano was.  And lolikitsune thought it was hilarious that I had below 1% of his metablogging expertise and made fun of me in a post.

I got a lot of hits from that post.

But that’s irrelevant and beside the point and as far off-topic as I can get.  I’ve read a couple of Guilty Crown impressions/posts, and everybody’s saying “Geass, Geass, Geass!” like a pack of rabid man pigs.

Please stop embarrassing yourselves.  Please stop embarrassing me.  Please don’t make me write a post about you.

I don’t get it.  Who’s speaking to Touma, and why are they talking to him?

Alternate caption: So if I use my right hand to pick up my pencil, I’m Touma?  Do I get the Goddess of Electricity to fall in love with me too?  Maybe if I lived in a politically oppressed country, I would become Lelouch and save the world?

Alternate caption: I see this as Guilty Crown, myself.

I, too, have no knowledge of anyone.

I see all these comments and posts about GC being similar to CG.  But why?  Why do these people care?  What is their objective when they declare Guilty Crown to be a Code Geass ripoff?

Sora no Woto is fast becoming an outdated example, but…. REMEMBER SORA NO WOTO?  That was K-ON! character designs done right.  The blogosphere cheered as Kanata did absolutely nothing, but hell, it was better than K-ON!

Come on, people!  Stop posting stuff that everybody already knows and just watch the show!  If it degenerates into crap, you can point fingers at me later.  I just want to read some meaningful discussion about a Japanese cartoon, not some badly written middle school compare/contrast essay.


Okay, that’s it.  Go watch a couple of shoujo series or some J.C. Staff Kugimiya RomComs.  Then, if you’re still breathing, tell me that Guilty Crown is annoying similar to Code Geass.

tl;dr who cares?  I don’t care.  I don’t care about you!  But please care about my arguments, even if you don’t care about the me who doesn’t care about you.  Nano is filled with enough trash as it is.

What a sharp observation!


6 Comments on “code gaess”

  1. Vucub Caquix says:

    It reminded me of Utena, personally.

  2. Valence says:

    ” I just want to read some meaningful discussion about a Japanese cartoon, not some badly written middle school compare/contrast essay.”

    Trudat shit. I used to do comparison essays all the time until I realized that A: it’s fucking pointless, and B: everything is bound to be comparable to the other. Well, shit. No more lists from me.

    • flomu says:

      Yep, yup. Everybody likes doing comparison essays because they’re really easy. Anime is all the same, and people think they’re clever by pointing out that GC and CG have the initials flipped around.

      No more posts from me either, I guess…

  3. Seinime says:

    You won’t like my post of Guilty Crown, th-

    Now editing. Yeah, I kept that point in mind. It only shares some minor points in common anyways, meh.

    • flomu says:

      Whenever a hyped up anime comes around, there will always be a handful (or more) of people who call it a ripoff of something else. While some of these examples are quite radical (right hand –> Touma? Gun from girl –> Dantalian no Shoka?), they’re pretty representative of the stuff I read from Anime Nano.

      Weak arguments about a weak comparison. Oh look, mecha and a mysterious girl. MUST BE GEASS. If anything, these people are ripoffs of each other!


      what post I don’t see no post

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