Second Year Running

Awarded to me yesterday

Thanks for voting for me once again.  2010 was barely a competition, and we easily beat that no-name kuroihito oshirikaze whatever blog.  What a scrub.  Why did they even let such an unpopular blog into the tournament?

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If I ran the zoo

I would not give the monkeys so much room.

Shinonome Nano Figure

get it

Ethics of Lowballing

Warning! This post is full of NOTHING about anime! Read at your own discretion, risk, etc.

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Soul Searching

Allow me to rant a bit.

I’m at my quarter-life crisis.  I first heard the word mentioned while reading a review of Solanin.

A midlife crisis occurs when a person begins to judge how their life has gone, brought on by the realization that most of their life is over.  A quarter-life crisis, on the other hand, is the uncertainty caused by the transition to adulthood.

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Beyond God Tier

Published as part of a blog project I’m not participating in.  Honeymuffin.

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Remember, remember, the Nichijou of 2011

In two years, you’ll be scratching your head and saying, “what was this from, again?”

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