Shinonome Nano Figure

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9 Comments on “Shinonome Nano Figure”

  1. Y? says:

    Yo brah, how excited are you to see the badass that will be post-puberty Renton.

  2. Cholisose says:

    I’ve never wanted a Nendroid… until now. Nano-chan is made of win, plastic, and kawaii, and can bring sight to the blind with just a passing glance.

    If this sells big, maybe we’ll get a Sasahara-sempai someday, too. As well as his goat. Actually, we need all of the characters. ALL OF THEM. Even EEEEHHHH girl, the vice-principal’s grandson, Dolph (blimp villain who killed himself by tripping), OH GENTLEMAN, and the Helvetica Standard woman who nostalgically found a gun in her old book.

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