Once upon a time, there was a cynical anime meta blogger.  He believed in the power of pre-2008 anime and was thoroughly convinced that Fall 2008 was the end of the Golden Age of anime.  Even the Greatest Anime of All Time couldn’t satiate his desire for anime.  He was picky, and criticized everything from garbage to cult classics to popular series.  He wanted an anime that was perfect, a show that appealed to every one of his tastes and which left nothing to criticize.

You could see Kyoto Animation trying way too hard in this final episode of Nichijou.  The reactions were more exaggerated than usual, and the sneaky moral of the story was shaky at best – the screw was nothing more than a running joke for the entire series.  But I still loved it.

Nichijou has changed me.

In a time when my future as an anime fan seemed bleak, I tumbled across this show.  It made me glad to be a fan, and it made me realize that the years I’ve spent in this little sphere of the world haven’t been wasted.  It is amazing how I can derive such pure joy from a medium like anime.

Watching anime isn’t something most people would look at and admire.  Even in my elementary Japanese class, where more than half of the students are hardcore otaku, it takes a lot to admit that you watch anime to the teacher and the class.  There’s always a slight pause beforehand and a collective nervous laugh afterwards.

But it’s times like this – 4:00 AM on a Sunday morning – when I feel alive.  I am tired as hell and my eyelids are drooping, but I just want to get this out there.

Anime is great.  Thank you so much.

P.S.: In an attempt to make this post more than Nichijou fanboying: Have you ever had a dreams thats that you um y an experience like this?  Or in the stereotypical question format, has a show ever “brought you back” to anime?

15 Comments on “Nichijou”

  1. feal87 says:

    Nichijou had a rather uninteresting start, but become better and better as the episodes start delving deeper in the jokes…:P

    • flomu says:

      I thought the pre-season OVA was pretty bad, but the first episode rocked my socks. The second episode rocked my shoes, and the third made me jitter all over and the fourth made me realize that Nichijou was better than any woman IRL. I don’t need a girlfriend! I-It’s not like I’m not able to GET a girlfriend or a-anything, I just think Nichijou is more important!

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    Nope, too newfag to stop loving anime.

    And by stop loving I mean start loving, so it’s hard to go through anime withdrawal if you’re not taking in the first place.

  3. Seinime says:

    Watching this season in general brought me back. And maybe Code Geass.

    Any show that makes me laugh as a person who barely laughs at anime = A+++++++++.

  4. Marow says:

    You could say Toradora brought me back to anime, but I was never really “apart”… there was a period when I watched a show or two occasionally, but never on regular basis. But then I stumbled upon Toradora in the beginning of 2010 I believe (or was it 2009? bad memory hah, but probably 2010) and I was hooked. “Just one more episode” is what I thought all the time and when I finished it I felt like I had watched something amazing.
    After that, I started to follow more anime-sites and some airing shows. Fall 2010 marked my real big step into anime, as I watched around 8 airing shows. The rest is history. I’ve watched like 50 shows this year (even reached my 100th!), which… sounds crazy, yes, but OVA:s and other short stuff counts as shows, so… yeah.

    Toradora it is.

    • flomu says:

      I watched Toradora and After Story while they were airing (ending in Spring 2009), and for the next two.five years I lamented the lack of god-tier airing anime. Whenever I would get that “one more episode” feeling, it’d be from an old anime. And eventually, even the anime on those “must watch” charts became boring.


      50 shows is quite a lot! I’ve seen <20 in the past nine months. 😦

  5. glothelegend says:

    I could say that Nichijou did a similar thing for me. I didn’t really even exist this summer. Watched Nichijou, felt AWESOME.

    But the series that really brought me back to life was more of a combination of Nichijou and Hanasaku Iroha. The fact that I really liked them both brought me back because it gave me 2 great shows.

    • flomu says:

      I watched Hanasaku Iroha while my roommate was around, and we argued over the shoujo-ness of the show for 20 minutes. Eventually, this older man guy came on screen and my roommate said “bishie” and I stopped watching it.

      Actually, I think I stopped watching after finishing the first episode. ‘Moral of the story’ stuff doesn’t really go over well with me. Especially in a semi-shoujo show with bishounen and old ladies and whatnot.

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  7. ahelo says:

    I thought Nichijou was very unique in the way it delivers its jokes which somehow managed to make me at least smile if not hound in laughter each episode. Of course it helps that the animation is explosively beautiful and frankly, that’s a part of how I fell in love with this anime. Sure I get why some bloggers would like to hate this series, but I don’t get why they don’t get us?

    Not everything has to be orthodox, or even intelligent. Nichijou rides with the flow, develops on its gags and as far as I’m concerned, its one of the latest anime yet that had me laughing my socks off.

    • flomu says:

      I get why they can’t get us. They just can’t get why I can’t get why they can’t get us.

      In my opinion, Nichijou has nothing to improve on. It’s as good as anime comedy gets. Perfect animation (try to find a single frame of derp/QUALITY), perfect music, perfect voice actors, perfect everything, perfect Yukko, perfect comedy, perfect perfection. Even if other people can’t understand why I like Nichijou so much, I hope they find the same joy in some anime that I’ve found in Nichijou. It’s incredible.

      season two please

  8. […] manga like this are so good that they make me want to exclaim to the world how good they are.  And I do.  It’s not that I’m trying to convince you that Nichijou is good.  I know full […]

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