Nichijou Episode 0 (OVA)

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Sankarea: What a Shame

The phrase “hit or miss” is often used to describe shows which appeal only to a very specific group of viewers.  In Sankarea’s case, a more appropriate term would be “hit and miss,” with just barely more hits than misses.

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Anime Expo 2012

one month’s pay

I just now realized that my pictures are SUPER HIGH RESOLUTION and thus better and cooler than anything else other people would post.  And I realized long, long ago that a torrent of boring AX posts would come out in the days following the convention.  That’s why I tried liveblogging in 2009, not blogging in 2010, and I forgot what I did for last year.  But the point is: Everybody’s doing their “AX was so cool” gig and making the likes of Seinime and J159 all jealous.  So it’s not really hip.  I want to do something unique, something shocking, something totally extraordinary.

But whatever, here’s a regular post.

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Space Brothers

I’m only watching two shows this season: Eureka Seven AO and Space Brothers.  If you guys could recommend some other good ones (not crappy jazz), that’d be great.

Eureka Seven has the best music I’ve heard in an anime in a while.  Repetitive, yes, but when the music starts, you know Ao’s going to kick some ass.  Space Brothers, too, has some great music.  It’s got some string stuff that comes in at important times to say “hey, this is touching.”  And, surprisingly, it works!

But besides that, Space Brothers is a failure.

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Medaka Box is the Best Manga

I have been reading quite a bit of manga these past few months.  It’s much more accessible than anime – not just because I can read anytime on my phone, but because I don’t have to dedicate ~22 minutes of my time to anime.  I can stop at any time (or so I’ve come to fool myself into believing), and I get a lot more story for the time spent.  After all, when you can animate twenty pages of manga into ten to twenty minutes of anime, it’s obvious which one has more bang for the buck.

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Paper Flower

Makoto and Mikoto sure sound similar, huh?

I was wandering the filth-ridden halls of danbooru when I came across an artist called “nekopuchi.”  I’m not very knowledgeable about artists and stuff, so nekopuchi may be some big hotshot on Pixiv…

But damn, it’s so beautiful.

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