Space Brothers

I’m only watching two shows this season: Eureka Seven AO and Space Brothers.  If you guys could recommend some other good ones (not crappy jazz), that’d be great.

Eureka Seven has the best music I’ve heard in an anime in a while.  Repetitive, yes, but when the music starts, you know Ao’s going to kick some ass.  Space Brothers, too, has some great music.  It’s got some string stuff that comes in at important times to say “hey, this is touching.”  And, surprisingly, it works!

But besides that, Space Brothers is a failure.

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Second Year Running

Awarded to me yesterday

Thanks for voting for me once again.  2010 was barely a competition, and we easily beat that no-name kuroihito oshirikaze whatever blog.  What a scrub.  Why did they even let such an unpopular blog into the tournament?

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If I ran the zoo

I would not give the monkeys so much room.

Beyond God Tier

Published as part of a blog project I’m not participating in.  Honeymuffin.

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Editorial Day: Perfectionist Me

Last week, I happened to stop lusting after TF2 hats long enough to read Scamp’s post on real people.  First of all, I didn’t know he got a girlfriend.  I didn’t know when mef and Owen got together, either.  I didn’t know that canon and I got together, either.  But more importantly, it got me thinking…
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